True Story: In my previous career as a cut flower farmer, another grower, whose operation I’d visited out in the Midwest, called and asked how we grew those gorg French tulips that clients like Whole Foods were clamoring for.  Happy to reciprocate, I shared detailed growing information, outlining everything from temperature to variety.

In other words, the key ingredients and specific directions for a recipe that had taken years to perfect.

In the final moments of the call, the grower thanked me and said they were presenting a session at a national conference on how to grow tulips.

I was in disbelief.

Literally stunned silent.

To this day, it stands as one of my most important experiences in business.

We put safeguards in place that hadn’t been.

We assessed risk.

But it was the words of a friend that turned out to be most helpful.

They told me that someone can take information, but not what it takes to grow the tulip.

Grow you — your curiosity and creativity, your desire to learn and stretch, your drive for excellence, your capacity for strategic thinking, your inclination toward experimentation and innovation, your tolerance for smart risk, your resilience and ability to get up off the mat when you get knocked down, your passion and desire to contribute, your hope to make a mark that makes a difference.

That’s what grows the tulip.

And it cannot be stolen.

Footnote: As demand grew, we transitioned into growing cut lilies exclusively and took tulips off the menu.  We continued to become increasingly well known as the brand of cut flower excellence in both product and service, and lost track of that grower as the business moved to an entirely different sphere of success.

That friend was spot on.

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