If you’re a CEO or division president, you likely need a sounding board, confidante, and devil’s advocate.  The phrase “lonely at the top” might describe you, as the pressures you face are tremendous, and you have few, if any, safe places you can share them.  You can’t talk to your SLT or Board, really, and the burdens you carry can become heavy.  You need someone who understands the rigors of business and the demands of life, who can share best practices, break down the natural isolation that comes with the role, and only has your success as their interest.

You likely would benefit from an executive coach if you’re a senior executive who’s slated for succession or is preparing for an elevated leadership role.  You need to hit the ground running in your new role with clear objectives around: setting strategic priorities, leading initiatives, influencing key stakeholders, creating visibility, getting out of the weeds, leading a Self-Correcting Team™, and fully coming into your own as a leader who moves with confidence across many different audiences.  You need someone who knows the path of success and can illuminate the way forward.

Is there the opportunity or use for both?  Yes, but usually in succession of one another, beginning with executive coaching if you’re new to a role, for example, and after the  initial engagement concludes and you’ve hit your performance objectives, transitioning to a trusted advisor relationship where you can get timely input whenever you most need it.


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I work with successful and talented senior leaders who strive to make a lasting impact.  My next openings are in September.