With cameras flashing and reporters taking notes, last week’s speech at the annual Women in Business conference in Greenville gave me the opportunity to practice what I coach so many of my clients on:

living on the edge of comfort and stretching for something we love.  Amazing!

Three tips excerpted from that talk for navigating transition, decisions, and life:

  1. Cultivate a centering practice that grounds you to the calm, still point of knowing within yourself.  Uber-meditation not required.
  2. Cultivate your thinking and looking through the lens of opportunity.  Become an observer.  Finish “I can’t” sentences with “yet.”
  3. Cultivate trust in yourself to live your life.  Know that when you’re out there living, it’s gonna get messy sometimes.  There will be missteps.  That’s ok.

You can find these themes explored in more detail at NEXT for Women, the brainchild of Whitney G. Wilkerson, where I’m writing an 8 week series on cultivating possibility, one of my favorite things in the world.


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