Of all things not business and leadership related.


Forward to taking a spin through the ARTIC later this month.  A favorite Impressionist collection and that series of Monet haystacks makes me tear up every time.


Terry Real working with several different couples.  Never tire of watching and learning from someone so profoundly masterful, or seeing the couples dig in and dig deep.  Gorgeous, sacred stuff.   Stay tuned for more in an upcoming Friday: Notes on Relationships blog.


Out to Mane Maestro Rachel Radford, owner of Ceremony Salon, and my go-to.  Her first words upon seeing my head post-lockdown last year: “It’s gonna take some time.”
It has, but she’s got game.


In a sandbox this summer/fall over several weekend intensives coaching in the Exec MBA program at UNC.  My idea of a ton of fun.


As Boulted rolls out more seasonal summer offerings: blackberry croissants, savory squash quiche, blueberry buttermilk tartlets, bread puddings, and… wait for it… the tomato tartine!  As I popped in last week, they popped out of the oven.  Let me say this: It’s nothing special.  It’s a slice of their bread with some Duke’s mayo, some cheddar (I think?), and fresh, local tomatoes.  Sublime.


Poolside for the next couple of days to rejuvenate, soak up some sun, and be transported by whatever I’m reading.  There might be some champagne involved.


Up continues.  Someone wrote in last time with encouragement; they do 50 regulars twice each day.  Hello!  I’m at 50 on tiptoe against the wall and 30 bent-kneed, twice a day.  12 regulars, once a day.  Which still seem a mile from nose to floor.


Fig season.  A great recipe for a fresh fig tart with a walnut crust can be found in Martha Stewart’s Pies and Tarts.  An oldie but goodie, that book, with an outstanding, no-fail, food processor, piecrust recipe.  Julia taught me how to cook in From Julia Child’s Kitchen (still the most amazing leek and potato or lentil soup recipes, ever), but it was Martha’s pie crust recipe that saved me from not being skilled enough to cut the butter into the flour in record time before it warmed up just enough to wreak havoc with the texture and flake of the crust.


Volunteering in a community garden this summer to get my hands in the dirt.


The birth of our nation and what we aspire to.

Happy Fourth!  Have a good week, peeps.