Divorce comes with all kinds of powerful emotions: grief, anger, and feeling like the floor has dropped out from beneath you, to name a few.  It’s somewhat traumatic.  Great things can be born of trauma (take it from me!) but taking care of oneself in the midst of the firestorm is a critical piece to coming out on the other side.  I call it extreme self-care, and moving your body is a part of that.After you talk with your physician and get the green light, it doesn’t matter if you rollerblade, swim, walk, bike, dance, run, or do yoga — just move.  It will help to get some of that emotion out of the body at a time when it can feel pretty overwhelming.  During my own experience with divorce, running not only gave me a little respite from the pain, but it also gave me access to my sense of center when it felt like I had none.There will be some who will ask the rhetorical (and unhelpful) question of whether you’re running toward or away from something.  Let those folks sit on the couch while you’re shakin’ your groove thing, because you’ll know you’re moving toward yourself.