I just saw the movie, The Martian.  For those of you who haven’t: Matt Damon’s character, astronaut Mark Watney, is unwittingly left behind on Mars by his crew.  Confronting his likely demise, Watney contacts his commander and asks her to relay a message to his parents in the event that he doesn’t return home.  I’m going to paraphrase, but the gist of it is that he wants them to know that he loves what he does, that he feels he’s part of something big.

Which are two of the key factors for success from my interviews from The Making Magnificence Project™.  No matter what space they occupy — CEO, nationally acclaimed writer, Brigadier General — the people I’ve interviewed are not only deeply passionate about their work and able to persevere, but they’re also profoundly connected to the meaning they draw from it.
They experience passion and meaning mitigating risk and challenge.

In a recent blog I talked about how leaders can drive innovation by drawing a direct line between the work of team members and the meaning of their results.
As a CEO or senior leader, do you do the same for yourself?
Are you creating a legacy of passion and meaning in addition to risk and challenge?
Wishing you a new year filled with inspiration.
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