I’m still pondering this, wondering about the consequences when leaders (the Board in this scenario) don’t anticipate well.

In essence, the Board unwittingly and unintentionally engineered its own demise.

And with it, the critical questions they raised about guardrails and speed.

None of us has a crystal ball.

And we can’t be certain of the outcomes of our actions.

But to not understand the culture of the organization that you’re tasked with overseeing, to not comprehend the employee loyalty and fervor for the CEO, to misunderstand or flat-out underestimate the leverage and power of a large investor…

These are not small missteps, not minor miscalculations.

And so, the third lesson I’m drawing from this wild ride is that Anticipatory Leadership — something I’m often talking with clients about — is not a luxury.

It’s vital.

And not just for the purpose of looking for what’s coming or beside you, the corners to see around, the trends to interpret, the numbers to monitor, the competition to outmaneuver.

But for understanding the terrain right where you are.

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Anticipatory Leadership says there’s no investment as high in return as the one you make in yourself.

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