Momentum is here.  It’s happening now.  And it’s gaining speed.  I’m seeing it among clients across industry – construction, professional services, tech, pharma, etc.

If you have not already, now is the time to:

  • Bring your leadership team together to re-identify direction, goals, and metrics
  • Make sure that your team is on point and fill any gaps in capability for current business needs
  • Evaluate capacity for growth, consider crucial roles needed for efficiency and delivery
  • Invest in your top performers
  • Ensure that you have a deputy and be sure that you know your strategic focus and value
  • Codify the innovation and responsiveness from the last year into tangible processes; they were forged under difficult and shifting circumstances
  • Consider how you want to leverage the current momentum for 2022, both as an organization or team, and in your specific role

There is opportunity in momentum.

Seize it.