I was saying to my best friend on our weekly Tuesday night call that this is the longest stretch – ever, since her kids were born — that I haven’t seen them.

The oldest is now in college.

Facetiming last week was a mini-visit with 2 of the 3, more than the quick phone calls and texting we’ve been getting by with.  But as we talked and they moved about the house, I was wistful.  The wallpaper in the guest room where I stay, something my best friend hand-painted after they bought the house; her two smiling, sweet dogs that are aging and who always arrive at the door with boisterous joy when I arrive from the airport; the center island in the kitchen where we’ve all gathered and talked and cooked, and where I’ve blown out many candles over many years on birthday cakes made by a now 16 year old; the same kitchen where my best friend sets down a huge mug of tea before we sit down for one of our marathon talks, tea that has just the right amount of milk, that tastes unlike any other, that I only drink when there.

What if there is no going back?

What if our eyesight has changed?


And for the better.

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