Of the many important issues that we explored during last week’s Magnificent Leadership® Annual Event, Influence as Authority deeply resonated and sparked discussion about its complexity and critical importance for leaders.  Many said they were bringing their notes back to their teams.

Below you’ll find the outline of what I presented to the group.

Circumstances in which Influence as Authority is Most Needed:

  • High stakes initiatives
  • Multiple and diverse coalitions, opinions, and objectives
  • Bright spotlight of visibility
  • Cross-organization collaboration, possibly the Board
  • Attempted change or introduction of something new


What is Most Needed of You in these Circumstances:

  • Keep the end in mind, otherwise known as don’t get sucked into the mud over ego, territory, or bruised toes
  • Identify those whose buy-in is necessary
  • Identify who influences those people, what I think of as Adjacent Influence
  • Make it easy for someone to say yes (they’ll be a part of something important, get credit, have greater visibility, etc.) and difficult to say no
  • Be inclusive of your detractors
  • Take the long view, celebrate wins, and resist the urge to win every battle because you won’t
  • Be supportive of those people from whom you want support
  • Have confidence in your abilities and what you want to accomplish


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