Earlier this week, I checked into the resort where I was speaking at a conference.  I’m estimating that I spent all of five minutes at the front desk checking in, as my room was taken care of, and we didn’t need to go through the process of reservation number, credit card, etc.  I merely offered my name.

A few hours after checking in, I went back to the front desk to ask about check out time and spoke to the same employee who’d checked me in.  He did not pull up my reservation, he simply answered my question as I stood there calculating the next morning’s schedule.

As I walked away, we wished one another a good evening.

And he used my name.

Which made me turn around and tell him that I’m a business consultant, that I notice that kind of service, and how in the heck did he recall my name (remember, he didn’t pull up the rez the second time).

He has a good memory he told me, a memory for names.  Just one of those things, he said.


Who’s sitting at your front desk?

And are they delivering the kind of impression that you want to represent your organization?


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