It could be available market that you’re not capturing.

Or a bolt-on sale that isn’t being bolted with consistency.

Or your competition is better (read: faster) at discerning and offering what your customers really want.

But you’re leaving money on the table.

And it’s a strategic issue that’s likely caused by one of the following:

  • Leadership that isn’t clearly seeing or communicating where you’re going.  The picture of the next frontier hasn’t been painted, or hasn’t been painted in a way that people understand its significance to the future and their part in it.  Maybe the CEO hasn’t developed the skills needed to convey the message in a powerful, inspirational , and effective way.  Or they’re overly insulated from team members across the organization.  Or the right channels aren’t in place for information flow.  No matter, a crystal clear vision has not been illuminated.
  • Human Capital Capacity. Translation: Your senior leadership team isn’t cohesive, trusting, and able to function with relative independence, good judgement, and discretion.  There might be a lot of churn in key positions.  Or substantial infighting on the team.  Or the right people aren’t in the right roles.  Or you may have gaps to fill related to succession.  The bottom line is that you don’t have the right people infrastructure to get where you want to go.
  • Execution.  This could be related to the first two above or, it could result from not ensuring that the people who need to deliver have the necessary tools, knowledge, and bandwidth.  Do you have a method for developing your own internal best practices, one that deconstructs successes, shares learnings, and turns wins into processes to be integrated and replicated?  Do you have clear expectations, measures, and milestones with the necessary support for achieving them?  You might have a clearly communicated vision and the people to get you there, but if the right actions are not consistently being taken, you won’t have forward motion.

Money left on the table likely means slimmer margins.

But it can also mean something more significant: the difference between remaining competitive or becoming obsolete.


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