To apply for membership in The Magnificent Leadership® Executive Forum during this month’s open enrollment period of July 1-31.

What is the Executive Forum?  A welcoming, all-star cohort of leaders from a broad range of industries — banking to Big 4 consulting, healthcare to tech — who gather virtually twice each month with me to make themselves, their businesses, and one another, better.

Connections are made, solutions found, weights lifted, knowledge shared, and opportunities created.

All in a trusted space where there is no pretense, no ego, no bull.

Our quarterly guest speakers, some of the very best and brightest in business today, join us for real, behind-closed-door conversations to further enhance learning.  Past speakers include Brad Wilson, Eugene Flood, Clay Grubb, Glen Tullman, Matt Rhodes-Kropf, and more.

What else?  When you have a challenge or issue that requires greater exploration and guidance, you have unlimited access to me for private coaching for the entire year’s membership, which also includes a customized strategy session to position you for success.

New members who join this month receive a complimentary ticket to the Forum’s exclusive, virtual Annual Event on October 6+7, a $1250 value.

We’ve got 7 different rotating meeting formats that are always evolving and in tune with what’s most pressing for you, from business growth and expansion to talent retention strategy.

The Forum was generated and shaped by the pandemic in early 2020 because leaders needed a place to discuss, and find solutions for, all that they were tasked with, including exponential growth.

Although circumstances have shifted, that hasn’t changed.

To learn more, read what members are saying, and apply for membership or nominate someone, go here or contact me directly:

I have yet to see an exceptional leader who isn’t also an exceptional learner.

I hope you’ll join us.