What is it?

Do you have an accurate read on it among various stakeholders inside – and outside – the organization?

Is there a gap between what you wish it to be and its perception?

Are you aware of what you need to do to move the needle?

Do you have a way of measuring or marking that movement?

Is there a way for information to come back to you at different intervals so that you can continue to fine tune?

Accelerated Elevation℠ Executive Coaching 

If you are moving into an elevated leadership role, you have to elevate your leadership.  Slingshot your success in the first, critical year when the lights are bright and shining on you.  There are 6 domains that are integral to your success.  Shorten your learning curve and increase the speed at which you succeed.  My clients get promoted, increase their comp, lead larger initiatives, gain greater influence, improve their presence and visibility, and have giant wins.  Faster.  To inquire about how we can partner or to request my paper on successfully leading in a new, elevated leadership role, email me directly: sarah@sarah-levitt.com