Below is an initial interview wish list for On Love and Relationships℠, my new podcast.  If you have suggestions for how to contact someone, please let me know.  I’d love to add some spiritual teachers to the list along with some novelists.  Let me hear your suggestions.


Noah Baumbach, writer and director, Marriage Story

Richard Linklater, filmmaker and director of the Before movie trilogy

Alain de Botton, author

Cheryl Strayed, memoirist, podcast host of Dear Sugars

Yet to be determined Mary Oliver scholar with whom I can chat about Oliver’s poem, “West Wind 2”


Ian Kerner (Check!)

Esther Perel

Orna Guralnik (Note in)

Terry Real (In process)

Dick Schwartz (Note in)


John Gottman

Eli Finkel (Note in)

Robert Waldinger (Grant study)

Arthur Brooks (HBS prof, Atlantic columnist, podcaster)