Because we want to know what happens next, and we want to know the end of the story.  I’m convinced it’s a human need, kind of hard-wired into us, this desire to know.

Which is why I’m telling all of my clients right now that their messaging to their teams and their customers is critical.

None of us has the end of the story, much less what is going to happen next.


We can fill in the blank for NOW.  If we don’t, people will fill in the story for themselves.  Often with a narrative that is unhelpful to them and to their full participation and effort.

So, on messaging to your teams:

  • Be candid about the situation and what you don’t know; acknowledge that this is not an easy time. Anything else will be sniffed out immediately as untrue.
  • After that acknowledgement, define the possibility that’s in front of everyone. Opportunities for their best, sharpest most innovative and creative thinking.  Time for experimentation and exploring new markets and products.  You get the idea.
  • Provide connection to meaning and contribution for their work in this context of challenge and possibility, including what the organization is doing to help in the crisis, internally and out in the world
  • Be as specific as possible when providing those examples, giving ‘shout outs’ to team members
  • Make your messaging clear and consistent. One of my clients is sending out an end-of-week summary that we’ve mapped along these lines.  Every Friday.  Another is beginning the week with theirs.

In times of crisis, we look to our leaders for frame and the context.

For the story.

This is your opportunity as a leader to tell a story that is true, real, and future-focused, lest your team binge on the wrong narratives.

Stay tuned next for essentials of messaging to clients and customers.

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