I was walking in late to Logan Bennett’s talk at the Ignite Leadership Summit last week, a conference in beautiful Banff, Alberta that brought together North American leaders for two days.  There were lots of interesting sessions at this conference dedicated to leadership and resilience, and I was there to deliver the closing keynote.  But Logan’s was the one session that I absolutely did not want to miss.  You see, I’d met Ferra, Logan’s partner, earlier at the conference, when I took one look at that beautiful German shepherd and dropped to the ground to say hello.  Logan might be President of the Alberta Avalanche Rescue Dog Association, but it was Ferra, surprisingly tiny, golden-hued, and Logan’s best friend, who caught my attention.  And with only 15 minutes remaining in his session, I’d arrived to hear Logan tell a harrowing story of a work day gone awry.

I could tell you how I teared up as he described his partnership with Ferra, how I got goosebumps when he talked about going into harm’s way, the two of them, how he shared his perspective on mistakes and resilience.

Or I could just let him tell you.

Many of us lead through uncertainty, but I know of few circumstances more uncertain than going out into an avalanche.   With your best friend.

Stay tuned.

I’ve asked Logan to participate in The Making Magnificence Project®.

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