Some people think that because I do what I do professionally, I’ve got it all together, all the time.

But I get knocked off center just like you.

Whether it’s feeling discouraged or self-doubting or overwhelmed, there are times when I find myself in an emotional mud puddle.

What I do have is decent knowledge of my emotional terrain (most of the time), how my thinking can lead me astray, and a pretty reliable toolkit for navigating both myself and the external circumstance.

But all the tools and skills sometimes fall short, and it is the compassionate, grounded presence of someone else that makes all the difference.

Because inherent in that groundedness is a steady, calm wisdom.  And it resonates and reminds me of my own.

Centeredness is contagious.

Surrounding ourselves with the right people – and it doesn’t take many – who try to bring that centered groundedness to their own lives, can make quite a difference in ours.  The right person at the right moment is often all it takes to shift our perspective.

I’ve asked it before but it bears repeating: Who are you hanging out with?  Surrounding yourself with?

And are you cultivating your own centeredness, the place where knowing – rather than frenzy – resides?

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