Remember Sandro’s?  My favorite Italian restaurant in NY that I had on my must-get-to-list for eight years before  finally getting there in January?

Well, I had the good fortune of dining there again while on business in NY last week.

I could easily fill this post with the marvels of Sandro’s endive salad with anchovies and pistachios, or the little glasses of homemade peach grappa that Sandro himself delivered to my table. Or, how, in a mix of Italian and English, he was telling my guest and me about the Pecorino cream that should be used on our pasta dishes, as he scooped it onto small plates for each of us. Or the ricotta cake…

But equally dazzling was this chef’s pure joy and pride in his work, and that, after extraordinary critical acclaim, (cited by Mimi Sheraton, former restaurant critic for the NYT, as one of her 4 favorite chefs, living or dead, and two are in fact, no longer living, the other has closed his restaurant) he’s still showing up. Full-on.

He still aspires.

Which is why I asked him to join me for an interview for The Making Magnificence Project®.

Stay tuned. More to come.

If you’re interested in Magnificent Leadership™, and continuing to aspire, you can reach me at to set up a mutually exploratory conversation.

And if you want to make your own reservation at Sandro’s, you can find him here.