As I sit here reviewing survey responses from members of the Magnificent Leadership® Executive Forum, I’m reminded that something is missing from this group of leaders: Ego.

They show up to learn, to improve, to get better – personally and professionally – and to share their learnings with others.

Ego and grandstanding just aren’t there.

Instead, this is what they say they find:

  • Highly relevant topics
  • A variety of leadership perspectives and business experiences
  • A giving and generous community
  • Immediate applied learning and growth
  • Practical and helpful information
  • Support and understanding
  • Outstanding colleagues
  • A place to be real and talk with other leaders
  • Questions that look at the bigger, strategic picture
  • Thought-provoking guest speakers

This did not happen, was not created, by accident.  Together, these extraordinary leaders shape The Forum into a peer group that they say is unlike any other they’ve belonged to.

If you’d like to join this community of leaders, open enrollment just began and goes through the end of the month.  The next enrollment will likely not be until fall.  Go here to learn about Annual Membership privileges and see what kinds of leaders belong to this learning ecosystem.

Or email me directly to apply:

We meet virtually so it’s light on your calendar and heavy on ROI.  And new members always say the same thing: They can’t believe how interesting, valuable, and welcoming this group of leaders is.

If you’ve been fence-sitting, now’s the time.