If there’s a catchphrase that promises a magic, silver bullet for new and seasoned executives alike, it’s executive presence.


Because it attempts to capture what some leaders find elusive: their own unique style of confidence and competence.

But effective leadership is more than the right phrases.  Or influencing the right people.  Or speaking with authority in front of the Board.  Or managing and monitoring profitability. Or spearheading initiatives.  Or conducting shareholder calls. Or building a team.  Or meeting challenge.

Those are components, yes.  Important components.

But real leadership, the kind that asks more of everyone who’s touched by it, is not merely a set of skills and experiences.

Real leadership is a genuine intent.

And people feel it.

If you’re wondering who or how to be as a leader, particularly if you’re leading in a new role, think of the one or two people who most made the difference for you.  The teacher.  The coach.

And then do what they did.

Which is to say: act and speak as the model of what you ask of someone.

Believe in it.

And then see the person in front of you.

Do that, and you’ll be on your way to creating a powerful executive presence.

And it will be true to the person exhibiting it.


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