Don’t say much.  Of course, share updates, successes, future focus.  Give specific shout outs to exemplary teams and team members.  Talk about the road ahead, about the mission and vision of your organization that is lived and breathed through its team members.

But make more time and space for hearing from your people than talking at them.

Two of the leaders featured in my new book, Magnificent Leadership, Brad Wilson, CEO of Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Carolyn Colvin, former acting commissioner of the Social Security Administration, both shared the importance of going out into the field to hear from the front lines.  Brad called these Listening Tours and liked to conduct 90 minute sessions.  He’d talk for 10 of those ninety minutes.

The rest of the time was for listening, and ideas, and questions.

One of the most frequently asked questions that I hear from my executive clients is how they can build even better performing teams.

I tell them that there has to be the opportunity for information exchange not just from them, but from their people to them.

And there have to be vehicles to transport that information.

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