Before we begin an engagement, I always ask clients what results they want, what they want to be different from our work together.

Below are the top 7 responses.

  • Revenue/business growth
  • An elevated role with increased compensation
  • Or, if they’ve already landed the role, ensuring and accelerating their success
  • Greater influence
  • A powerhouse of a team that delivers in all ways (what I call Self-Correcting™)
  • Less time in the weeds fighting fires, more time on strategy and vision
  • Increased confidence to play bigger than they already are

For more on working with me directly, email me at:   I work with CEOs and senior executives who are courageous, talented, successful and want to make their mark.

Accelerated Elevation™: Executive Coaching for a New Role
Your technical success got you noticed.  You’ve landed the new role.  The stakes are higher, though.  The initiatives bigger.  You’re more visible, across more audiences, as well.  And the missteps – there are 3 that are most common – are more costly.

Do you have the right person to help you reduce the possibility for errors in this first, critical year and maximize every chance for success?  A trusted and strategic guide who knows the path forward?

For senior executives entering elevated leadership roles.  Laser focus on the 5 crucial domains of elevated leadership performance: Influence, Strategic Prioritization, Controlled Delegation™, Building a Self-Correcting Team™, and Leadership Presence.  Complete with a “deep dive” strategic kickoff session, key stakeholder interviews, the Magnificent Leadership® Elevation Inventory, and a customized leadership development plan tailored to your success in your new role.

You can drink from a firehose your first year or you can blow all success markers out of the water.

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Magnificent Leadership® Ascension – Private Leadership Guidance
Your leadership matters more than ever.  And you likely need a sounding board and an outside, strategic perspective more than ever.  During this crisis and beyond, there are leaders who are only ascending in their own trajectory but rising to this difficult occasion and steering their organizations into the future with success and growth.

They are my clients.

Highly customized, concierge, signature offering.

You don’t keep 9-5 hours, and the issues you’re dealing with don’t, either.

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