New! Quarterly Trusted Guidance
This program is designed for leaders and professionals who are growing their revenues and their teams, who are leading in new and bigger roles and want a strategist, thought partner, idea-generator, and confidential executive leadership coach with just-in-time responsiveness and a practical, actionable leadership and business plan.

This year-long program includes 90 minute, quarterly, deep-dive strategic sessions over Zoom (you can bring your Deputy, too), prep work so we hit the ground running, and unlimited email access to me for the entire year.

Light on your calendar, heavy on return.  Go here to learn more and to apply.

The 2022 Magnificent Leadership® Ascension Program – Private Leadership Guidance
Concierge consulting for bold leaders.
Personal and professional, life and business.
Bespoke, comprehensive, confidential.
I’m your dedicated sounding board and trusted guide, experienced devil’s advocate and strategic thought partner, confidante and coach, whose only interest is your success and aspiration.
The finest, purpose-driven leaders know that as their companies grow, they must grow with them.
Expand the bounds of your leadership, optimize your performance, and create your contribution.
For more, email me for an invitation to apply to this annual program and to explore mutual fit:  Go here to read more about this unique leadership program. 
Due to the comprehensive nature of this offering, these spots are quite limited.  One opening at this time.

Read about what it’s like to work with me.

Magnificent Leadership® Strategic Team Sessions
Accelerate your team’s performance, cohesion, adaptability, deadline delivery, and results.

How clients use these sessions:
– Learn how to take your team from high performing to Self-Correcting℠
– Determine areas of risk in the business and create solutions
– Boost innovative internal practices no matter the work scenario
– Become more cohesive, trusting, and seamlessly executing  
– Establish roles and responsibilities and practice Controlled Delegation℠
– Develop strategic leadership plans for each team member
– Master my meetings format to: identify inefficiencies, grow best practices, increase accountability
Learn how to escape the Quicksand Effect of being pulled out of the strategic and into the daily
– Create a relevant talent retention and recruitment strategy no matter the conditions
– Refocus, boost resilience, and reestablish goals and objectives for the year

Highly customized to meet your specific objectives.

Get your team on point and get out of the weeds. 

Prep work and homework.  Pre-session calls between you and I, debrief after with my recommendations going forward, coaching access in between.  Virtual.  For more and to schedule, contact me directly: 

New!  Open enrollment for Annual Membership in The Magnificent Leadership® Executive Forum begins this Friday, July 1 and goes through July 31st.   Last chance to join before the new season in October!
Join a unique, confidential community of leaders from a broad range of industries who stay on the cutting edge of business and leadership and share best practices, challenges, and true collegiality.  Last enrollment before the next season begins in October.  For more on membership privileges and to apply go here.  Members say it’s unlike any other peer group they’ve belonged to. Bonus: Become a member in July and receive a complimentary ticket to the Executive Forum’s Annual Event on October 6+7, a $1250 value, and the lowest ticket price for non-members.

Customized Executive Coaching for Senior Executives: Accelerated Elevation
Preparing for promotion into a bigger role?  Already landed and drinking from a firehose?
Lead with confidence and ditch the imposter syndrome
– Knock your metrics out of the park
– Strengthen your influence and gain key stakeholder buy-in
-Thrive under the bright spotlight of greater responsibility and visibility
– Deliver on your strategic priorities and get out of the weeds

– Build and Lead a Self-Correcting Team℠
– Present your ideas across a wide range of audiences with ease
Drop me a note to tell me about you and what you want to
Read about what it’s like to work with me from people who have.
And go here to download my free paper on leading in a new and bigger role.
If you are leveling up, shorten your learning curve in those first critical 6-12 months and hit the ground running. 

Private Coaching: In Your Back Pocket Trusted Guide Program
More and more of you are coming to me privately for one of three reasons:

  • You’re at a transition point in your career, a crossroads, and are wondering if you should look for other opportunities outside your organization (or they’re finding you) or change directions entirely; you want a guide to help you find your way, formulate a strategy to find your ideal role, prepare for — and evaluate — opportunities, and possibly reinvent yourself
  • You’re likely in a new role and want me in your back pocket as a coach, guide, strategist, and confidential sounding board without involvement from your organization
  • You are building your own consulting or coaching business and you want to shortcut your learning curve and accelerate your revenue

Go here for more.  Clients are landing new positions with significantly higher salaries, finding greater autonomy and culture fit, and pursuing passion projects.  Here’s a recent blog on factors for staying or going.

New!  Mark your calendar now!  October 6+7, 2022, 9am-12pm ET both days.
The Magnificent Leadership® Executive Forum Annual Event. 

Exemplary leadership and business guest speakers, super relevant material on the issues that matter most to you, interactive sessions, direct access and discussion with me, and an outstanding group of colleagues to learn with and from that you won’t find anywhere else.  You can attend the Annual Event without being a member of the Executive Forum, but as a special bonus, if you join the Forum in July during open enrollment, you’ll receive a complimentary ticket to the Annual Event, a $1250 value, the lowest ticket price that will be offered to non-members.  This event is virtual.  Registration page will be up shortly.  To reserve your spot, go here to purchase a ticket or email me directly: to confirm your seat.

New! Immersive VIP Leadership Days
You want an immersive day of strategic and business planning, leadership development, and life satisfaction mapping and coaching.  You’ve already achieved significant success and know that it’s time to review and level up.  You’ll have prep work to complete in advance and homework and an action plan after we’re done.  Think of it as a one-day intensive coaching and planning session that’s fully customized to you. Zoom or in-person at a luxe hotel here in North Carolina, according to circumstances and our preferences and schedules.  Not even on the website.

To apply:

Looking for a Dynamic and Engaging Keynote Speaker Your Conference, Corporate Event, or Leadership Retreat?  That’s how audiences describe me: one part inspiration, two parts practical and relevant application.

The three most popular topics you’re asking for right now:
“Trifecta: Strategic Leadership, Talent Retention, and Culture”
“Prudent Leadership: Building a Self-Correcting Team℠”
“Reconnecting with Resilience℠: From Uncertainty to Metamorphosis”
For booking information, meeting planner resources, and additional topics, go here.
Virtual or in-person.  Keynotes and workshops.  Include: customized content, pre-interviews with attendees of your choosing for greatest customization to your audience, social media push before and after, pre-session interview with me in your blog or video, and up to 90 minutes of delivery by me.  Add-ons include: moderating panel discussions and conducting VIP roundtable sessions.