That’s what I call her.


The sweet, young, exuberant dog across the street.  Her family generously allows me to walk her so that I can get my dog fix.

In two months, this is what I’ve learned from Bella:

  • The sound of running water is like music, a symphony of play
  • Consistency matters a great deal, particularly in new endeavors
  • It takes courage to be exposed to the new and the unknown, but the rewards are vast and hold the potential for deep joy

Some things I’m wondering in response:

What are the symphonies of play for me, and how can I get more of them?
Where do I want to dedicate myself to greater consistency, professionally and personally?
How do I want to shake off routine comfort in favor of new experiences, horizons, and vistas?

(If you, too, are thinking outside routine and where you most want to spend your time, there’s a space that’s been created for that conversation.  And it’s waiting for you.)