That’s the foundational credo of the Executive Forum.

What’s said here, stays here.

And at tonight’s meeting, members brought challenges for input from the group.

It was, one member said, one of the best meetings.

Nothing fancy, and not because there were “right” answers (although lots of experience was shared).  But because the very seasoned leader who went first in sharing their challenge not only came away with greater insight and options for moving forward but demonstrated that exceptional leaders get better by having the courage and humility and wisdom to seek input from trusted others.  And in so doing, gave permission to everyone else in the virtual room to do the same while simultaneously providing the opportunity for other members to learn from their challenge.

Pretty cool, huh?

Transparency requires vulnerability.

And courage.

And a trusted space.

And, then, well, all bets are off as to how many are lifted by it.

Including the person who opened themselves.


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