15 in all, the whole of which might not be terrible guidelines in business.

  1. Finish easy. When finishing on the downhill, another loop is enticing.
  2. Don’t shy away from a difficult course. The hills make us better.
  3. And they can either be a slog or capacity-building. We decide.
  4. There are times to sprint, but mostly we’re running distance, which requires a steady pace.
  5. A sense of humor about oneself never hurts. (If, for example, you are passed by someone who is running while jumping rope, you do the only thing you can, which is to burst into giggles.)
  6. Use excellence as inspiration, not comparison.
  7. We will fall. Sometimes unpredictably.  Get back up.
  8. Stretch yourself. Run a bit farther than you believe you have juice for.
  9. An ounce of injury prevention is worth a pound of cure.
  10. Little kids will watch with delight and wonder.  Run as if you’re worthy of their gaze.
  11. No matter how difficult or arduous, a run should leave you better.
  12. Sweat.  Effort.  These are good things.
  13. As are hydration and replenishment. They are symbiotic with sweat and effort.
  14. Empty your brain and witness all the good ideas that are generated.
  15. Any run is made better by a Taylor Tune. The newest on my playlist.

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