That’s what Lisa Larter, Founder of the Lisa Larter Group and Go Daxxi, said to me last Wednesday right before we hit record on her interview for The Making Magnificence Project®.

Not serious, I assured her.


That’s how I think of someone’s story.

(Even if interviews for The Project are often punctuated with laughter and humor.)

We’ve got a great season lining up for you in 2022 for The Making Magnificence Project®, including the interview with Lisa, where we talk about dropping out of high school, entrepreneurship and business, inner critics (including her own), and what really motivates and drives her.

Stay tuned for conversations with business luminaries like CEO Clay Grubb, whose life’s work is about changing essential housing in this country, and Dan Michelson, whom I interviewed during his 10 year run as CEO of Strata Decision Technology (and whose story of becoming an Accidental CEO is featured in Magnificent Leadership) and who just left to found INCOMMON, whose mission is to tackle the US epidemic of loneliness, and Eugene Flood, world-renowned Harvard and MIT-educated economist, whose story of ascension despite imposed obstacles and humble beginnings left me both awestruck and sorrowful the first time we chatted.

These are just some of the stories coming your way in the new 2022 season of The Project.

If you missed any from last season, there’s still time to get caught up.