They’re not, I replied to the CEO.

For faster opportunities to advance?  Yes.

For more money?  Yep.

For greater and continued assurance of autonomy?  Uh-huh.

But not for a granola bar.

That points to something else.

Where can you provide autonomy and belonging to your people?

Draw them in rather than push them out?  (Hint: It’s not cupcakes in the break room.)

Do you know where your people need and value flexibility and where they really yearn to be part of connectedness again?

Do you have leadership that’s dialed in, that inspires, and that your people want to follow and be better for?

Have you done recent stay interviews with your superstars to know why they’re sticking around?  And are you using that information and insight when you’re recruiting new talent?

Are you having meaningful conversations with your team members about their career paths and interests and ambitions?

Are you repeatedly emphasizing their contributions to your company’s overarching mission, reason for being, and growth, and shining a light on their efforts during what has been a difficult two years?

The talent market won’t always be this way.

But there are leaders and organizations using it to get better.

And they will.


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