This week’s blog was more time consuming to write than usual.  It’s not because there weren’t things to write, it’s because I hadn’t given them much thought.

Or rather, I’d been so busy, that the space where ideas just pop in, the blank space where I’m not deliberately thinking at all, was mostly gobbled up.

A client once referred to this as the tyranny of the daily.

Blank space, the space of reflection, can look like a luxury when you’re faced with a lot to do.  And all of my clients have a lot to do.  Quite a lot.

But without even a small amount of time deliberately reserved for strategic, reflective, big picture thinking, we will be pulled into the vortex of that tyranny and become part of it, rather than its leader.

And then it can be difficult to discern if we’re expending our time and precious energy on the best things or just those that are the most demanding.

Dedicated blank space, it turns out, is not a luxury.

It’s a necessity.


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