I once arrived at the annual strategic retreat of a senior leadership team to find that they’d been in an intense brainstorming session for two days.  The length of an entire wall was papered, top to bottom, with ideas they’d generated for creating improvement.

In years past, they’d gather, ideate, and then go back to business as usual as soon as they returned to the office.   I was there to help them set direction and priority and decide what to leverage and how.

By the time it was all said and done, we’d whittled down the plethora of ideas to just one that incorporated their best thinking from that wall.  The plan they created was elegantly simple.  And it was able to be executed amidst the daily demands of doing business.  It also gave them the room to iterate and evolve over the course of the year, real-time.

If you’re leading an organization, you likely see opportunity all around.  That’s your job.  But it’s not the sum of your value.  Your ability to set ideas aside is just as important as your skill at inviting them into the room.

What’s the one thing that would make the biggest difference in your organization’s performance in 2017?  And in your own?

Whether it’s improved speed to market which beats out the competition, or a well-oiled machine of a team that executes flawlessly in your absence thereby giving you more time to focus on strategic priorities and less on infighting, what’s the Umbrella Initiative, as I call it, that would impact everything else underneath it?

A new year is all about what is yet to be.

Next December, what do you want 2017 to have meant for your organization?

And for you?

One of the key elements of Magnificent Leadership™ is the commitment to excellence and mastery.

Wishing you a year of one new beginning.

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