A few years ago, when I was running a fair amount of weekly mileage, I plotted out the distances of several routes. 3 miles. 4 miles. 5 and 7.

The 4-miler is a trick of the mind, really, because it’s the 3 mile route with a winding, hilly, non-linear loop added on. The additional mile doesn’t feel like it costs me much in time or effort.

But the gain is cumulative.

Both in weekly mileage, and in the mental and physical strength necessary for running much longer distances.

Similarly, the strategies that I suggest to my senior executive clients for maximizing profits and accelerating growth don’t require much time or effort.

But they yield big returns.

One of the most effective is avoiding what I call the Black Hole Syndrome, where good work goes, is never heard from again, and the opportunity to leverage success is lost.

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