Of all things not business and leadership related.

(I know, I know, it’s Monday.  But this is the best opportunity before the new year.)


Super excited to participate in this angel network infused with Ted Zoller’s enthusiasm and determination to be the best in the country.  Look out, Chicago and Boston.  We’re coming for you. (Smile.)  If you’re curious about becoming a member, let me know.


Mindy Kaling’s smart, funny, light-with-depth show The Sex Lives of College Girls on HBO.   Also Sebastian Mansicalco’s Stay Hungry on Netflix.  Worth a look just for the segment on the car mishap.


To even more helping organizations as the year comes to a close.


If you’re not in Raleigh (and most of you are not) the chocolate makers at this little place have possibly outdone themselves this year with their flavorful combinations of confections.  Lemon and ginger and caramel and almond and black forest, and rum and coconut … And they ship.


You know it has to be the gingerbread hot chocolate from the same place.  Only for the month of December in Raleigh.


Last month at this beachfront hotel in Miami.  Great food, complimentary bicycle rental, a pedestrian walkway for miles, low 80s, and a view of the ocean that is spectacular.  This ice cream place a short distance away is worth checking out.  Intensely flavored ice creams and sorbets like lychee, coconut, and guava.

Slow trucking:

And resuming regular running while listening to old favorites like Kelly Clarkson’s cover of “Purple Rain,” Luke Combs’ “Even Though I’m Leaving,” Queen Bey’s “Survivor,” and some new (to me) tunes like Doja Cat’s “Vegas.”


Oh, so many.  Gabor Mate’s The Myth of Normal, Katie Couric’s memoir, Going There, and Diane Poole Heller’s The Power of Attachment.  In the queue are Kazuo Ishiguro’s Klara and the Sun and Lisa Taddeo’s Ghost Lover.  And that’s before making picks from this list.


And indulging in the artistry of these metalsmiths, who make such beautifully handcrafted stuff.


At this Osteria while in Miami.  Perfect, perfect pasta.  The carrot app — such a surprise.  And the almond pistachio semifreddo.  So.  Incredibly.  Good.  Total indulgence from start to finish.


Space over the holidays to dream about 2023.  Elephants, elephants, elephants.


While in Phoenix on these incredibly tasty nut mixtures; my favorite was the cayenne chipotle.


In two more of these layers for running. Wicking and warming and seemingly temperature adjusting.  Love ‘em.


To NYC.  A favorite place at this time of year.  Check out this list and this for ideas if you go.


Stock and giving thanks for a great year and the phenomenal leaders I get to work with and learn from.

Happy Holidays, Peeps!  I’ll see you in 2023 with another Sunday Sketch.