I’d had it.

My locks were too long and I was ready to flip my head over and start chopping with my desk scissors.

Luckily, I read an article that suggested I ask my stylist for a virtual consult.

This was a better idea.

The last time I tried to cut my hair was 7th grade.

I wanted bangs but instead got a rounded hedge that protruded from my forehead.  For a long time.

As it turns out, Rachel Radford, owner of Ceremony Salon in Carrboro, NC, is not only a supreme stylist and artist (she’s styled hair at NYC’s Fashion Week), she’s also an excellent haircut coach.  She was patient, reminded me to take my time, and walked me through the whole thing, section by section, as we Facetimed.

Are the results quite as good as sitting in her chair at the salon?  No.  They can’t be.  She combines years of skill and practice into an artistic alchemy that allows her to work by feel.

But in Rachel’s words, “I think it looks pretty damn good!”

And in these times, that’s reason to smile.