There are many advantages to being up close.

You’re there to build relationships with customers and clients.  They call you first when there’s a problem.  Or when they want to work together.  You’re the first responder, the go-to, the person who knows how to get the train back on the tracks should it be necessary.

You’re also likely very accessible to your team.  If someone has a problem, you’re there to answer it.  You might be the glue that keeps everyone together, focused and on point.  Perhaps the motivation and the inspiration, too.  And you might very well have your pick of talent because you’re the kind of leader people want to work with.

There are many, many advantages to being up close, on the inside, in business.

But there is one significant drawback.

When you’re on the inside, your vantage point is, too.

Up close is good.

But paired with opportunities to sit on the outside and look in, it’s leverage.


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