One of my clients recently gave a strategy lecture at the b-school where they did their MBA.  It so happens that school is nearby, and I asked if I could sit in.  This client is at the top of their profession, known within the field as being so.  Their aspiration is to be the best.  In the world.

You bet I wanted to sit in on their lecture.

A number of things they spoke about caught my attention, like how organizations are operating in ecosystems where the lines between competition and cooperation are blurred.  They spoke, too, about how the greatest challenge in strategy is in execution (amen!), about how the competitive war of the future will be won on talent, about where the best, the most talented, will choose to work.  Yes to that, too.

And then they took some time to talk to the students from the perspective of someone who long ago completed their MBA, of someone who’s leading on the global stage.  And the essence of what they said is this: The higher one ascends in an organization, the more important influence and leadership are.

For certain.

So, my questions for you are these:

Will your organization attract the top talent of the future?

And will your leaders be able to keep them?


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