The future will arrive.

The question is: How will we?

Will we have spent our time hunkering down and remaining static?

Or will we have invested in ourselves and created our own opportunity to really emerge on the other side?

As one senior executive said to me, “Life is short, I’m ready.”

COVID has stirred a lot of things, among them, you.  And you’re coming to me for private coaching in greater numbers.  Below you’ll find my new, private coaching offerings that are available to you without corporate sponsorship and make investing in yourself more accessible than ever before.

For Consultants, Coaches, and Entrepreneurs:

Indomitable: A Business Coaching Program.  I’ve built two businesses from scratch and grown them to significant success.  The first I took from start-up to capturing 40% of the market share for North Carolina.  The second got me inducted into the Million Dollar Consultant Hall of Fame.  In addition to coaching in the elite Executive MBA program at UNC’s Kenan-Flagler Business School, consultants and coaches have historically come to me asking how to successfully launch or grow their practices.  And, now, as uncertainty inside organizations increases, I’ve created a full program for professionals taking the leap into entrepreneurship.

Introducing Indomitable: A Business Coaching Program  Designed for serious entrepreneurs who want to be successful and significantly shortcut their learning curve.  In addition to 6 months of active coaching sessions, this program includes: pre-work, weekly assignments, a strategic growth plan for your business, and my Indomitable Business Map™.  We’ll also identify and tackle any mental roadblocks hindering your success to create an entrepreneurial mindset that is indomitable.  Your return should be 10x, at a minimum.  For more information:

Fee before June 30: $8000, $9500 thereafter

Individual and group format available.

For Executives and Professionals Inside Organizations:

Magnificent Leadership® Executive Forum
An elite group coaching program for senior executives leading through COVID 

In this unique executive group coaching program, select senior leaders from organizations across industry and size are represented — technology, biotech, manufacturing, higher education, science, banking, and professional services, as examples — to create a rich learning ecosystem that accelerates results.  Among an outstanding cohort of your peers, we’ll discuss your most critical issues, shared experiences, and hot-off-the-press learnings.  We’ll talk urgent and strategic.  In a trusted space where you don’t have to sugar-coat anything, so you can make the best decisions possible.  Success in these times requires bringing everything you’ve got.  It does not require going it alone.

In addition, members also have private coaching access to me.

Fee: $2500, Quarterly Membership

Deadline for application or nomination is July 20:

In Your Back Pocket: Trusted Guide and Confidant.   You’ve landed a new role and want to knock it out of the park.  Or you want to elevate into a greater opportunity.  No matter, you’re someone who is already successful and you want to ensure that you continue to take it to the next level, saying the right things in the right moment, not buckling under pressure, feeling confident to suggest and lead initiatives.  And you know that you want an outside, trusted, and confidential perspective to accelerate your trajectory.  This 6 month program gives you active coaching with me, including homework and pre-work to leverage your investment, as well as my proprietary assessments and inventories to accelerate your progress.  We’ll tackle what’s urgent, plan for the strategic, and accelerate your momentum.  For more information, write to me:

Fee: $6500

90 Day Executive Coaching Program.  Now is the time to be proactive.  There are urgent fires caused by this disruption that demand your time and there are the strategic priorities that need your considered and considerable attention.  I’m offering this 3 month program for those who need immediate guidance and support steering though these tumultuous times and emerging on the other side, professionally and personally.  For more information:

Fee: $7500

For Executives and Professionals Considering a Career Transition:

The Reinventing Real Coaching Program

If you are wondering what new career opportunities and paths might be waiting for you in this tumult, if you’re yearning for more meaningful and fulfilling work, if you’re trying to figure out which path might be the right one, if you want to use what has been dealt to you for the better, the Reinventing Real Coaching Program is about taking your destiny into your own hands, finding your path, and making your way.  You might stay in your current profession but change roles.  You might stay right where you are but change your perspective.  Or you might take a leap and embark on a new path.  This 6 month intensive coaching program includes individual, private sessions with me, the Magnificent Leadership® Career Map and Inventory for the assessment phase, a customized strategic plan for moving forward, and sustained support on exploration and execution.

This is the whole package.

No matter how disrupted and upside down things might be, the world will always need talented, brave, and resilient people like you.

To inquire, write to me:

Rates begin at $6500