Of all things not business and leadership related.


The following places in Boston/Cambridge as friends and clients are traveling:

High Rise Bread Company.  Not to be missed.  They’re known for their chocolate cork but everything is quite tasty.  Scratch bakery with heartier breakfast and lunch stuff.

Also in Cambridge: LA Burdick’s.  They do a super-rich chocolat chaud, not sure if they have an iced version for summer.  Quite possibly.  They also have a great selection of chocolates for gifting.

Henrietta’s Table inside the Charles Hotel.  Great for brunch.  Patio for outdoor seating.  Also great for a drink and snack at end of day in the bar area the last time I was there, which was pre-pandemic.

The Charles is my go-to when in Boston.  Great location, several restos on site, including Henrietta’s, easy peasy to go for a run along the river from there, and, to me, has a distinct New England feel.  Not to mention that Cambridge is just a great place to stroll.  Usually live music on the street somewhere and a farmer’s market with fresh produce.  Caution: If you are there in late September to early October, it will likely be the most glorious weather, and you will think it’s your destiny to pick up and move.  But hold tight and remember Boston winters.


The Last Movie Stars, Ethan Hawke’s doc on Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward.  Still mulling this complex portrait of love and marriage.


Totally addictive.  I know, I know.  I’m, like, three years behind all of you, but I’ve caught on.


With one of my favorite colleagues who called last week to say let’s do this again and get another group together.  So enlivening to learn with others who get me to stretch and think differently and better.


This conditioning hair oil that was mentioned in this NYT article.  So far, I’m liking it.  And so do the curls.


Up the last of summer and the warm sun and long days.  A bit wistful.


Myself on book restriction until I finish Gentleman.  The stack overfloweth!


Out the Manolos more often, as things are increasingly in person.  Both bring a smile to my face.  Haven’t decided about popping into the swanky new showroom on Madison.  I so loved the tiny, original location.


Of the Northeast, I’ll soon be heading to see a dear friend in Vermont.  The last time we were in person was pre-pandemic, and the last time I was in Vermont we had incredibly tasty ginger martinis over conversation about life and love.  I think I’ve convinced her to come on to The Making Magnificence Project®.  Stay tuned.


A crazy, no-holds-barred wish list of interviewees for The Project.  Sometimes people just say yes.

Enjoy the last of summer and have a good week, peeps!