Of all things not leadership and business related.


The new season of the docuseries Couples Therapy.  Some people watch sports, I watch marriage counseling.

Stanley Tucci’s Searching for Italy.


To the Dear Sugars podcast as I walk.  So honest and real and compassionate.

And Mark Hyman’s, The Doctor’s Farmacy.


And seeing turtles, Great Blue Herons, owls, black snakes, baby bunnies, deer, and hawks.


(No surprise here.)  On the Asparagus, Cheddar, Mustard Croissant from Boulted as their seasonal offerings roll out.  Also the strawberry crumble tartlet.  I’m just biding my time, waiting for the summer tomato tartine.  Get thee there (but be sure to go early in the day before they sell out) and you won’t be disappointed.  Did I mention they mill their own flour?


At the stack of books that has accumulated for summer reading, knowing that I must choose.  Doerr’s brand new, Cloud Cuckoo Land or the classic, Pulitzer-winning, Lonesome Dove?  Still reading Attached.

Dinner Grouping:

Each month and discussing a podcast chosen by someone in the group.  May’s selection was an interview with Tiffany Shlain on technology and the internet.  It’s left me thinking.  About a lot of things.


The Goop Glow exfoliator.  Feels great on my face, and I love the natural, earthy smell.


Is Gaga’s new song, “Hold My Hand.”


The square caramel enrobed in dark chocolate with a sprinkle of salt (perfection) from this place.  Along with their other, creative flavors.  The good news is that they’re now open on Sundays for more chocolate sipping opportunities, too.

Looking Forward to:

The release of the new Top Gun movie.  Oh, c’mon.  You are, too.

Recently Browsing:

In this place where they handcraft their stuff.  Major trouble.


On watermelon sprinkled with fresh mint.  Super tasty and refreshing for the summer temps we’ve been having in Raleigh.


To Savannah to see a friend who was in town from across the country.  Brief, but a delight to connect after several years.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen Spanish moss so beautiful.


And accumulating stories that I can’t share without truly laughing.  As one dear friend said, “You can’t make this up!”  Nope.


Of exploring more of Tuscany.  And Africa’s elephants (maybe an immersive, working sabbatical).  And NYC.

Seriously Thinking:

About listening to the many nudges and piloting a very limited offering of relationship coaching.  I’ve had the opportunity to train with this guy for the last decade or so, and he’s had profound impact.  I’ll keep you posted.

Have a good week, peeps!