Of all things not business and leadership related:

One of my best pals is back from running the Boston marathon.  As he was relaying tales of the race, something really caught my attention.  He said that going in, he had no expectation of his race time.  He knew, though, that once he took off at the start line, he’d go as hard as he could.

Don’t have any expectations, go as hard as you can.

This doesn’t seem like a bad approach to any number of things that are both difficult and meaningful for us.

Time?  2:44:23.

His best Boston.

It’s been suggested twice in the last month that I write my next book on relationships.  I maintain that I should start a podcast called, Watch What I Do and Do the Opposite: Dating with Sarah Levitt. 

But I don’t see either in the near future.

What is happening are new interviews for the On Love and Relationships℠ category of The Making Magnificence Project® where I can ask questions and keep learning right along with you.  Renowned relationship therapist Ian Kerner kicked us off, and that interview should be posted soon.  Stay tuned for more.

In the meantime, in my reading stack is this relationship book that came recommended.   Alongside this and this.  I’m trying to keep it to 3 these days.

Have a good week, peeps.