Are front and center in conversations with clients these days.

Because when change and growth are rapid, it’s costly – for you and your organization – not to identify and focus on where you matter the most.

Below is an abbreviated version of the three step process I use with clients.

First, identify your strategic priorities (notice I didn’t say urgent).  Typically no more than 5, yours might be a variation on the following:

  • Meeting or exceeding growth projections
  • Vision/setting direction/inspirational leadership
  • Building human infrastructure (including your deputy and your team)
  • Clearing obstacles so those people can fly
  • Managing up with acumen/forming alliances/being visible internally and externally to the right stakeholders to advance initiatives/being where you need to be to make the difference


Next, consider the following questions to help identify areas of success and challenge:

  • What are the most effective ways for communicating your vision and inspiring the troops and are you connected to the vision and meaning of what you’re leading
  • Looking at your immediate team: Are they able to function without pulling you into the weeds (aka Self-Correcting℠); Do you have the right talent for now and as you grow; Are you clear on the responsibilities of those roles; Are you anticipating the additional roles needed for continued growth; Do you have an outstanding deputy; Are you able to delegate with confidence
  • Beyond your immediate team, are you forecasting where you’ll need to be filling and/or creating positions to support current and impending growth
  • Are you anticipating bumps in the road before they happen and are you able to smooth the way
  • Are you clear on which key stakeholders are integral to your success and are you tending to those relationships, managing them effectively, creating buy-in, and gaining alignment
  • Are you visible where you need to be internally and externally, where it’s your presence that makes the difference


Lastly: Identify when and why you’re getting pulled away from your strategic priorities and into the weeds.  This will help you to further pinpoint where changes are needed.

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If you’re not able to be strategic, you’re not able to truly lead.