Is Rethinking Almost Everything.

That’s the title of the article on the front page of today’s WSJ.

Interim CEO Charles Schultz has been on the ground talking with baristas.

There are inefficiencies, too many steps to make drinks that have become increasingly complex, in spaces that weren’t designed for making them, with more customers expecting them.

There are employee retention issues.

And inflation pressures.

And sales that are up.

Any of this sound familiar?

Starbucks has a tech lab where they’re looking at their processes for making drinks.

And Schultz declared, “We will design new stores from scratch.”

As a business leader today, you might recognize any or all of these issues as your own: rising costs, employee retention issues, and hyper growth without the right infrastructure to support it.

Are you going back to basics?  Examining your processes with a fresh eye?  Rooting out inefficiencies?  Talking to your people on the front lines of your organization in order to craft real solutions for them and the customers they serve?

The article says, “…the chain is plotting its renewal.”

Are you?


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