New York City.  I love the way the city smells (really!), its steady sound, and strolling to my heart’s content.  There are far too many favorite things in NY for me to list here, but below are a few of my go-to’s:

The Metropolitan Museum of Art.  And they’ve just opened a new fashion exhibit.  Woot!

Hot chocolate at the Grand Central outpost of Jacques Torres or the midtown location.

Speaking of Grand Central, that ceiling isn’t bad, either.  And speaking of ceilings, this is one of my favorites.

Central Park.  Some of my most enjoyable runs anywhere.

Shoes.  Particularly at this little place, which just closed its doors on 54th street.  End of an era.

Mural-gazing at Bemelmans while listening to live music.

A long walk from midtown all the way down to the Lower East Side.  One of my favorite snacks to divert for along the way is an olive breadstick from this place.

Author readings, plays, concerts.  Most recently: To Kill a Mockingbird.  And I’ve loved attending some of these events.

What I’m reading:

A book straight from my Annual List You’ll Want to Check Twice:

The Overstory

What’s on repeat this week as I’m running:

Even Though I’m Leaving, Luke Combs

Out of the Woods (live at the 58th Grammys), Taylor Swift

What I have in the podcast queue:

Season 3, Where Should We Begin