I’ve been thinking about the vast changes on the business front from last year.

Off the top of my head:

  • Remote work, with sometimes added flexibility, and performance measures oriented toward results rather than time
  • Reconfigured sales processes, often to the benefit of growth and profit
  • A clarified valuation of communicative, visionary, inspirational leadership and its effect on the bottom line
  • Rapid learning, innovation, and iteration in everything from service and product delivery to capturing new market opportunities
  • Better monitoring and management of key numbers, metrics, and cash

There’s a lot of good in there.

What processes are you using – now — to identify, deconstruct, and codify your successes?  Your internal best practices that were forged under fire but are, in fact, now part of your competitive advantage?

How will you evaluate what should become foundational, rather than merely survival, for your business and organization?

Do you have the mechanisms and structure to sift the gold from the silt of 2020, rather than let it simply slip through whirlwind of January?

Happy New Year.

Let’s begin.

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And!  I’ll be releasing the Magnificent Leadership® Workbook early in 2021.  Stay tuned.