One of my clients said it best: “Things are just moving so fast.”

Fair to say that present day looks nothing like what most of us anticipated at the beginning of the year.  In December, I was in Munich to meet with my global mastermind group, a cohort of consultants from Europe and the US, self-organized to grow ourselves and our practices.

Our second meeting was scheduled for today.

In New York.

As we gathered at the virtual table this morning, none of us could believe how much had transpired in just a few short months.

And the giant evolution continues as I type.

You’re being forced to change sales and revenue models — entire ways of doing business — while addressing safety concerns and regulation adherence.  Those are just a few of the upheavals.

I know I’ve mentioned this recently, but it bears repeating:

If you do not have a trusted group or guide in your back pocket, now’s the time to find one.

This is not the time to go it alone.

It’s the time for finding resources – smart, creative, knowledgeable, and perhaps out of your ordinary  — to help you see and steer.

For more on working with me directly:   I work with CEOs and senior executives who are courageous, talented, successful, and want to make their mark.

Invitation to Senior Leaders: I am convening a special gathering of select senior executives for a virtual group cohort twice each month until September.  Normally, this would be a paid program, but I’m offering it at no charge for 6 months to lend support to leaders who are carrying such a heavy load right now.
For an invitation to the Magnificent Leadership® Mastermind and to apply, write to me:

Make the Shift Private Coaching Program.  A number of you are contacting me for private coaching, rather than through your organizations.  Recent inquiries include: preparing for promotion, taking a consulting practice to the next level of revenue, launching a consulting practice, and career transition.  I’ve heard you.  And I’ve created a 6 month program that will give you active coaching with me, including homework and pre-work to leverage your investment, as well as my proprietary assessments and inventories to accelerate your progress.  And I’ve made it very accessible.  For more information:

New 90 Day Executive Coaching Program.  Now is the time to be proactive.  There are urgent fires caused by this disruption that demand your time and there are the strategic priorities that need your considered and considerable attention.  I’m offering this 3 month program for those who need immediate guidance and support steering though these tumultuous times, professionally and personally.  I’ll be providing best practices for leading through uncertainty and a confidential sounding board on your most critical strategic matters.  For more information:  Limited slots.

Announcing The Reinventing Real Coaching Program

In 2009, in the throes of the recession, I was out of my job.

And my home.

And my marriage.

All at the same time.

My husband and I were divorcing, I was exiting the greenhouse business that we’d built together, and I had no idea what I was going to do professionally.

Fast forward and I’ve built a thriving consulting practice working with talented senior leaders associated with some of the most recognizable global brands.

I had to create that.

From scratch.

If you are wondering what new career opportunities and paths might be waiting for you in this tumult, if you’re yearning for more meaningful and fulfilling work, if you’re trying to figure out which path might be the right one, if you want to use what has been dealt to you for the better, the Reinventing Real Coaching Program is about taking your destiny into your own hands, finding your path, and making your way.  You might stay in your current profession but change roles.  You might stay right where you are but change your perspective.  Or you might take a leap and embark on a new path.  This 6 month intensive coaching program includes individual, private sessions with me, the Magnificent Leadership® Career Map and Inventory for the assessment phase, a customized strategic plan for moving forward, and sustained support on exploration and execution.

This is the whole package.

No matter how disrupted and upside down things might be, the world will always need talented, brave, and resilient people like you.

To inquire, write to me:  Available in individual and group formats.

Magnificent Leadership® Ascension – Private Leadership Guidance

Your leadership matters more than ever.  And you likely need a sounding board and an outside perspective more than ever.  During this crisis and beyond, there will be leaders who not only ascend in their own trajectory but rise to this difficult occasion, who bear the tremendous weight and responsibility with grace and courage.  Those leaders will steer themselves and their organizations into the future.  And they are my clients.

MLA is for those leaders at, or approaching, their apex.  It gives you access to the CEO and executive leadership tools that matter the most.

Ever wonder how some leaders allow themselves to be forged by crisis rather than folding to it?  They’re composed under tremendous pressure, respected, and have the influence necessary to lead high-stakes initiatives.  They’re at ease under the bright lights of visibility and responsibility and are communicative and compassionate.  They find the right words and take the right actions during difficult situations.  They’re confident talking to the front line or the Board and are comfortable in their own skin.  They build teams that will follow them anywhere.  They have remarkable success in their industries.  And their ascension is often faster than their peers.

That’s not an accident.

MLA is my premiere executive offering for exceptional CEOs and senior leaders who are leading during these high stakes, never-before-navigated times.

  • Concierge service with unrestricted, unlimited, direct access to me via text, phone, and email
  • After-hours responsiveness to address time-sensitive matters of urgency
  • Confidential and discreet sounding board
  • Objective insight and best practices drawn from a broad range of clients and industries
  • Customized half day strategic leadership session to create a personalized leadership development plan
  • Magnificent Leadership® Inventory for leveraging your strengths and identifying gaps
  • Priority access to my calendar
  • Monthly deep dive, proactive strategic sessions
  • Guaranteed invitation to my Magnificent Leadership® Virtual Executive Dinners program, where you can discuss issues of greatest significance with select peers in an informal, confidential setting
  • 10% discount on any of my other offerings

Because you need a guide during these times, someone who provides an experienced, outside perspective at critical moments, someone whose sole objective is your success, someone who’s in your corner, and knows your aspirations.

Due to the highly customized and concierge nature of this signature offering, I’m only accepting 5 clients into the MLA program for the entire year.  To discuss an invitation and schedule a mutually exploratory phone call: