“It’s supposed to be hard,” she said.

I’m working on my book, staring at a blank page a lot of the time.

My friend told me it should be this way, that our work in the world is not necessarily easy.


At first, I was not happy to hear this.  Hard is not much fun.  Or fast.

But then I was relieved.

Because somewhere along the way, I’d constructed the idea in my head that because I love The Making Magnificence Project®, and because I am so inspired, myself, by the stories people have shared, that writing about it should be easy.

Not so.

If you’re working on something that’s deeply meaningful to you, and it feels like you’re staring at your own blank page, maybe it’s supposed to be that way.

Maybe, sometimes, love and purpose and effort are rightful companions.


Some events where you can find me speaking on Magnificent Leadership™ in Q1 of next year:

American Bankers Association Annual Conference, Orlando, Florida

Ignite Leadership Summit, Banff, Canada

New Jersey Bankers Economic Leadership Forum, Somerset, NJ

Capital Associated Industries Management Conference, Raleigh, NC