Oranges and apples.

Some canned soup.


My running shoes.


The essentials that get thrown hastily into a bag before leaving for the beach.

The idea was born at the end of last year during a long-postponed vacation: I’d come back, once a month for a few days, through winter and spring.

The sole purpose would be to check in, to reconnect.

Both of these last times, I’ve noticed the pace at which I arrive, the whirl inside my head, how fast that’s all moving.

And how much clarity there is when it quiets.

Staying true to this commitment doesn’t come naturally me.  When I see the dates blocked on my calendar (because that’s the only way it will happen), I try to negotiate, shave off a day, maybe even question if it’s necessary at all.

And then when I’m here, and afterward, I know that there are few things more so.

Depending on the obligations in your life, it may be difficult to carve out this version of a Reconnect Retreat.

How can you create your own?