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The Quicksand Effect:
How to Get Out

 Tuesday, January 11, 2022, 10-3 ET

How much time does it cost you to put out one fire
that someone else should be able to deal with? 

One glitch that could have been avoided? 

One double-check to be sure things go as they should? 

One re-work that requires your attention at the last minute to fix? 

One double-back on a conversation to ensure the right outcome?

How many times a day does that happen?

A week?

The Quicksand Effect:
How to Get Out

In this brand new workshop, we will use some of the same targeted diagnostics, strategies, maps, and tools that I use with executive clients to get them out of the quicksand and into the strategic.


What You Can Expect at this Virtual Workshop:

The Quicksand Effect:
How to Get Out
This is an intensive, strategic, virtual workshop on Tuesday, January 11, 2022 from 10-3pm ET.

No more than 8 participants for maximum air time, 5 minimum required.

The fee is $4500. Register here to reserve your seat now.

Come out of the gate in January prepared to lead strategically.

And see what happens in 2022.

Members of the Magnificent Leadership® Executive Forum receive a 10% discount on registration fee.

Are you elevating your leadership as your business grows?