The doors of the Mandarin Oriental in Las Vegas opened to an oasis of calm. A feat, given the hotel’s location on the strip, where a multitude of neon lights flashed:

Casinos! Chocolates!  Cirque!  Celine!  Steak!

I was grateful for the hotel’s peaceful surroundings because for the second year in a row, I was invited to speak at an annual conference for some of the world’s most elite consultants. They’d flown in from all over the globe: Denmark, Australia, Israel, Canada, and the US.

My performance was important. And it was public.

Sound familiar?

After delivering a talk on Magnificent Consulting, the lounge at the Mandarin seemed a good place to relax that last evening. Perched high above the strip, I could see the entire landscape through floor to ceiling windows.  The horizon’s rose and sand colored mountains came in to view, as did the planes taking off in rapid succession from the nearby airport.  The giant replica of the Eiffel Tower even seemed proportionate.

The flashing lights hadn’t disappeared.

And I was still located smack dab in the middle of the strip.

But I could see the whole, or at least far more of it.

That’s what an oasis does. It provides refuge from the daily, yes.

But it also broadens perspective.

If you dwell in a place where flashing neon lights vie for your attention all day, every day:

Earnings reports! Growth!  Succession!  Meetings! Employees!  Budgets!  Shareholder value!

Have you considered creating an oasis?

A strategic space where you can evaluate, prioritize, and respond?

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