Judging by the number of people who are still contacting me to get a seat in this workshop (registration deadline was a week ago) this is really important to you.


If you want a seat (and want to bring some of your peeps, as several leaders are), let me know by Friday the 16th at 5pm ET: sarah@sarah-levitt.com

If there is such a thing as a last, last call, this is it.  And, yes, this workshop is free! 

Also, for you, readers of my blog, advance notice: I am designing a brand new 3 month Legacy on Purpose Summer Program.  Those who attend this free workshop on the 28th will have first dibs to register for the summer program.

More details coming soon!

Life is becoming unstuck.

The pause button is being released.

Why not hit play and spend time with me this summer splashing and playing and dreaming up your future?

If you want to attend the Legacy on Purpose Free Workshop on April 28th at 10am ET, email me immediately: sarah@sarah-levitt.com This is the last workshop in the Magnificent Leadership® Q1+ Workshop Series.